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Fastest DNS 2017

What is the fastest DNS for your internet connection? the result may vary from diffrent user, why dont you find out by yourself by benchmark it, i found some good tools for benchmarking DNS, to show which is the fast DNS that suitable for my internet connection, and there are many result for it. Steve Gibson the creator build some cool utilities for it, you can check it by yourself in, or you can download the link below.

Here is some screenshot from GRC site

Download Link : Download DNS Benchmark 2017

This is simple tools for find suitable DNS for you, just click on Nameservers tab, and click Run Benchmark, just sit and relax for a while, the apps will show you the result of fastest DNS for your internet connection.

This DNS application has large of database for list DNS that available, and many of them are from famous provider in the world and free to use, just right click on the DNS IP which is the fastest from the list, and select Copy Nameserver's IP.

Open your Network Connection (in windows) and right click on your ethernet or wireless adapter, and click Properties, it will show like this (see below)

Click on Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4), then click on Properties Button

Select "Use the following DNS Server Address"
Put IP from DNS Benchmark application
and Click OK, and OK again.

Feel the diffrent, your internet will go faster than before.

Sunday, July 9, 2017

Post By Request

HI, just want to say hello to all my fellow, i want to apologize to all reader that disappointed because my absence for a very long time in tutorial world, especially in CentOS, i have busy lately until now, but sometimes i had some free time for relax, because of daily routine and activity.

If you guys had some question or want to request some tutorial related to Linux or anything, feel free to email me :


i will read your request of sugestion or critics or anything, including spam :D, and i will response it as fast as i can.