Friday, January 22, 2016

SSD Nodes - $2.99/Month | 1 GB | 10 GB SSD | 1 TB | 10 Gbps

vps offer 2016

High Performance SSDs

We use the best enterprise SSDs with RAID, exceeding 1GB/s and 200K write IOPS.

Tier-1 Backbone Network

Delivering best-in-class network capacity to support your most demanding applications.

Proactive Security

Your data is protected by multiple layers of security to ensure only you have access.

Rebootless Scalability

Scale up your cloud as your business takes off, with no reboots and 100% uptime.

Datacenter Failover

Leverage our datacenter failover solutions to ensure your application is always online.

Enterprise Support

Businesses and enterprises get support for their cloud directly from engineers.

Personal - Small
CPU:1x Intel E5 CPU
Memory:1 GB ECC RAM
Storage:10 GB SSD
Bandwidth:1 TB / Month(1x 10Gbps)
Personal - Medium
CPU:2x Intel E5 CPU
Memory:2 GB ECC RAM
Storage:20 GB SSD
Bandwidth:2 TB / 月(1x 10Gbps)
CPU:4x Intel E5 CPU
Memory:4 GB ECC RAM
Storage:40 GB SSD
Bandwidth:4 TB / 月(1x 10Gbps)


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