Saturday, July 11, 2015

How to install VestaCP on Centos 6

VestaCP is another good web control panel for VPS, it lightweight control feature with many feature, when you installing vesta, it will automatically install a few good package, so no need to install it again, such as fail2ban, vsftp, spam assassin, apache, MySQL, roundcube mail server, etc, it's quite good, installing many package with only few single lines of code in terminal.

installing vestacp on centos 6


I will provide an easy way to installing VestaCP, you can see official install instruction here or follow my way, but remember, VestaCP require you to uninstall httpd and other installed package that may cause conflict to VestaCP, i recomend you to fresh install your VPS, or if you still want to try it, follow this step below.
Once again : if you hace website hosted on your VPS, better think twice before you install VestaCP, i never installing VestaCP on server that has hosted website on it, or maybe you find more info first on the internet about problem that maybe occur while you installing VestaCP.
While you installing, there are a few confirmation that will appear, so watch it carefully and follow the instruction, on your screen.


chmod +x && sh

now you are done installing VestaCP, login into VestaCP using information that appear on your screen.

login information vestacp

Accessing VestaCP

Open your favourite browser (Firefox, Chrome, IE, etc), and type your VPS IP Address in your browser with specified port that shown on your login information on terminal. Ex : Http://

Now Login, and you will see like below

vestacp panel

Now you are done installing VestaCP.

In tutorial VPS Host

In this tutorial, i using VPS that provided by you can see the detail here

Tutorial VestaCP

I will post link in here another tutorial related VestaCP


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