Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Tutorial Post-Installation Wizard Virtualmin

Now we will configure Post-Installation of Virtualmin, there was a simple wizard provided by Virtualmin to setting Virtualmin based on your VPS resource.

Let's start Post-Installation Wizard
I assume, you already done installing Virtualmin ()
Open your browser.
https://<vps ip address>:10000/
you will see like this (see pic below)

Click Next
Memory Use
1. Preload Virtualmin libraries?
- if your VPS have low resource of memory and you have low frequency of visiting Virtualmin, Disable this option, but if you have more RAM, Enable this.
- Even you Disable this option, Virtualmin UI run stable.

2. Run email domain lookup server?
- if you have high activity in emailing, enable this.
- but if you have less memory, disable this, your email processing is bit slower.

Virus Scanning
Run ClamAV server scanner?
- if your server have high intense of receiving email, you better enable this option, because it lower your CPU Usage but consuming more memory (100Mb), so if you think your server will have activity in emailing, its better to rent vps with high ram
- if your server have low frequency of emailing, disable this.
Spam filteringRun SpamAssassin server filter?
- If your system is going to host domains that will receive a large amount of email, filtering incoming messages for spam can generate significant CPU load. This is due to CPU use by the SpamAssassin mail filter when it is started, so its better you enable this, because its only consume 30Mb,

Database Servers
1. Run MySQL database server
2. Run PostgreSQL database server
- If your server only run email server or DNS hosting, you not need both option above, but if you want to host website on your VPS, i recomend enable MySQL database server, its has more compatible with application nowadays.
Note : if you see >> MySQL has been enabled, but cannot be used by Virtualmin. Use the MySQL Database module to fix the problem.
It means you have not entering the mysql password, just click next, and you'll be asked for MySQL username and password. (check previous tutorial about mysql).
After that the wizard will ask if you want to change the password.

MySQL database sizeMySQL can be configured to trade off memory use for performance, depending on how much RAM your system has and how heavily you expect the database to be used.
The option is clearly explained about how often your mysql is used. If you not sure, just choose leave defaul settings

DNZ Zone
For this, just type server1.angelimus.com or serv1.example.com, etc, ant tick "Skip check for resolvability". I'll explain this in later tutorial.

For this, read the explanation carefully, for me, i choose Store Plain text Password, but i strongly recomended you using Only Stored Hashed Password i'll create this tutorial later.

All Done. Click Next


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