Wednesday, June 10, 2015

How To Create Sub-Server Virtualmin

Hello again, in previous Tutorial Topic about How To Create Multiple Website on Virtualmin, now i want to share How To Create Sub-Server on Virtualmin using Centos 6 64Bit.
In this tutorial i still use VPS from, the reason is, provide high resource with low end price.

Step 1 - Manage Domain and Add Sub-Domain in DNS Management
- Login to
- Click on Domains > My Domains      (see pic below)

- Click on Manage on Domain you create in previous tutorial before (Tutorial host multiple website using Virtualmin)  (see pic below)

- Click on Manage Freenom DNS

- Add your subdomain name (in this tutorial i using forum as subdomain), Type = A, Target = <vps ip address> (see pic below)
- Click on Save Changes

- Now wait about 5-10 minutes, while trying this
- Open terminal and type this code

Note change to <your-sub-domain>.<domain>
- if the result is has address
- it means your subdomain is registered.

Step 2 - Creating Sub-Server on Virtualmin
- Now go To Virtualmin (see pic below)

- Then Click on Sub-Server
- Domain Name = <your-sub-domain>.<domain>      ex:

- Click on create server, now open the browser, and type <your-sub-domain>.<domain>      ex:

- If you got error like this
- It means your subdomain is ready to use.
- Open terminal, and type
cd /home/
echo "This test sub-server -" >> index.html

- Now your browser again and refrsh, like picture above. (see pic above)
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