Thursday, June 11, 2015

How To Create an Email Account for Virtualmin

Email is the most important things in your personal or bussiness website, email is one of the media to communicate between admin and user of website, beside social media. Its nice if you have email with your own name and your own domain, it can boost your popularity of your website too, for me i prefer emailing rather than calling or pm in social media, because i have high intense in checking my email, but remember, emailing can consume more resource to your VPS, in some VPS Host, there are some restriction about mass mailing, it is a feature to mailing all your costumer or all your friend or all people that you dont know for reason is promoting your website or something that you thinks it is necessary, 

Now we will begin to create email user in Virtualmin, i assume you already create website in virtualmin, if not, see previous tutorial ( >> How to Create website in Virtualmin)

Step 1. Accessing Virtualmin
Open your browser and login to your virtualmin by entering
Https://<your domain or VPS IP Address>:10000

I using domain from as i mention in previous tutorial (How To Create Sub-Server in Virtualmin) which is

Step 2. Creating and Cofiguring User in Virtualmin
1. Click on edit user on the left panel (see pic below)

2. Click on Add a user to this server (see pic below)

see in the list, there are already,
that user is by default create when we create virtual server in earlier tutorial about 

3. See picture below
1. Email Address : this is email address username (ex: admin, or support, or yourname, etc)
2. Real Name : Type your Real Name or anything you like.

3. Password : create the password for your username (password will be used in here >> (

Mail Forwarding Setting
4. Tick "Yes, forward to address" and type the destination email, if you want to forward automatically your email from this account to another email account.
5. Tick "Yes, repond with message", if you this, when your user or friend sending you an email, there will be an automatically reply email to sender.
ex: "A" sending an email from [email protected] to your email [email protected], after "A" sending an email, he/she will automatically get a reply from [email protected]
This feature usually contain a greetings or welcome message, etc. Just type a good sentence here if you want to enable this feature.
6. Minimum time between autoreplies, for security reason i recomend you to DO NOT Choose "No Minimum", because if someone do an email bomber to your email account, it cause a heavy duty to your VPS it will result you get banned by your host. Just select about 5 or 7 minute for safety.

7. Click Create, to create your email user.

It's done, see you in next tutorial about virtualmin.

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  1. Nice tutorial. Your tutorials have been helpful in configuring my virtualmin; but i have a challenge.

    I am using Google Cloud Platform compute engine to host the virtualmin, having had alot of challenges configuring BIND, i opted for Google CloudDNS for DNS, Mailgun for outgoing mailing service ONLY, and totally disabled BIND on the VM.

    Now everything works except i can only send mail to a recipient and it will get delivered successfully, but i wont find a record of the mail in my SENT items. Secondly, i cant receive mails to the email. it returns as undelivered. GMail reported server socket error.

    I have used intoDNS to check the DNS for email MX record, and it returned valid results.