Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Dungeon Rampage Health and Energy Hack

Dungeon Rampage Health and Energy Hack

Original Thread Flashacking.net [Dungeon Rampage Trainer]

Credit To : abhijeet1001 @flashacking.net

- Mozilla Firefox
- Trainer Download Here

Last Try Works on April 16, 2013

1. Open Dungeon Rampage
2. After loading complete

3. Open trainer

4. Now go to battle, after loading finish

5. Press 8 For Infinite Energy, wait until text turn red
6. Press 9 For Infinite Health turn Red
7. your HP Bar and Energy bar will never decrease
Note : You Will die if you got combo by the enemy

Credit To : abhijeet1001 @flashacking.net as the creator of this trainer.

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Dark Warriors - Gem Hack - Skill Point and Attribute Point Hack [Permanent]

Dark Warriors Gem Hack

- Tested on April 7, 2013
- Version Dark Pets 1.126

Ps : Other version or update may cause this cheat wont work anymore.

1. Open Cheat engine 6.2
2. Go to the game Dark Warriors
3. Open Gem Shop  or Press "V"

4. Value Type : 4 bytes Scan Type : Exact Value 
5. Scan 40 , Click First Scan
6. Go to game click Weapon (see image below)

7. Change Value to 1, click Next Scan
8. Now see the result on left pane of cheat engine, there are about 6 result (the result may vary on each computer)
9. Go to game again and click armor again

 10. See cheat engine, find in result pane in the left, see the number that same like picture above (Beast Helmet - 30)
11. Double Click that address

12. Change to -900 (if you want to change more its fine, but i use -900)
13. Buy that beast helmet. See picture below

14. Now your gems increase 900. Buy anything you like.
15. Its Permanent.
16. You can increase your skill point using this gems.

Monday, April 1, 2013

Dragon City Dragon Combination Receipe (Josip Cavlovic)

This not a cheat, but it will show you legendary dragon combination, just watch this video, and you will know how to do

This link is from Josip Cavlovic

Another Combination :
neon + lentern fish = pirat dragon or jack sparrov  chance 100%
waterfall dragon + sea shell dragon = armadrillo dragon chance 100%
laser + fire bird = gummy dragon chance 100%
cool fire + cool fire = legendary chance 90%
all credit belong to Josip Cavlovic